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Matcha Source

Matcha Source

Matcha Source is about authenticity. We’ve worked with tea farmers in Japan’s Nishio region to import matcha for different needs and tastes—whether it’s to add a new flavor to familiar dish or to prepare ceremonial, rich koicha, or thick tea.  Likewise, we’ve built relationships with craftsmen to offer in authentic but affordable tea bowls and utensils so you can experience centuries of matcha culture right at home.

Matcha Source is about health. Truly containing the essence of the tea leaf, matcha offers an unbeatable range of health benefits that no other beverage can match. We believe that matcha has the potential to heal and restore health. It has no calories, is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. In particular, the powerful catechin EGCg in matcha has demonstrated potent cancer-fighting properties. Matcha can help detoxify the body, calm the mind, and burn excess, and that’s just the start. (For more on all of matcha’s amazing properties, just check our page on health benefits.)

Matcha Source is about taste. We simply believe that matcha has unique flavor to be appreciated and savored, and we want others to enjoy it too. While there’s something sublime about matcha in its traditional form, we also think that it’s more than versatile enough to be enjoyed in different ways. Therefore we offer matcha that suits the way you like it—whether it’s in a tasty treat or mindfully whisked.

Matcha Source is about education. With a history over a thousand years old, there’s so much to matcha. We therefore aim to bring you as much as possible about it—from how matcha is made to the latest scientific research about antioxidants to a cool new recipe.

Matcha Source for matcha green tea powder

Matcha Source is about lifestyle. What’s marvelous about matcha is its versatility and how it can adapt to different people’s lives. It can fit casually into a refreshing smoothie while it can also be the centerpiece of your personal ritual—whether it takes the form of chanoyu, the traditional Japanese ceremony, or simply preparing it in your favorite bowl for an afternoon matcha break with a friend.

Matcha Source is about community. Whether it’s at an occasional pop-up store or online, Matcha Source is a place for you to connect and meet other matcha lovers, share your thoughts, and even exchange recipes. It’s a place where you can share your favorite way to enjoy matcha or how matcha has help you on your own journey of health, wellness, and recovery. It’s a place you can come to any time. (You can even call us when you need a suggestion or just having a matcha moment…) 
Matcha Source is about you. At its very heart, matcha is about giving and receiving. So we’re happy to help you make matcha a part of your life because matcha has already given so much to our own.

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