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Planet Raw

Planet Raw

At Planet Raw everything is always organic! (except the Thai coconuts).  We do not use any flour, wheat, grain, sugar, canned, or boxed foods or anything that is processed.

The moment you enter Planet Raw, you are encompassed with a warm and inviting ambiance. Guests can enjoy dining al fresco on our sunny front patio, or host private parties in our spacious back patio surrounded by flowers and bamboo. Planet Raw’s store is a health emporium providing supplements, superfoods, exotic fruits, revitalizing refreshments, and biodynamic vegan wines.

Our restaurant uses sustainable Beeswax Candles , Biodegradable Packaging , Clay Painted Non-toxic Walls, and a Recycled Paper Menu. All Sanitation conducted with Natural Earth Friendly Products.

WE ONLY USE CERTIFIED ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL! Ask other restaurants what they use. Vegetable and canola oil is very low quality and nutritionally deficient oil! If it’s not olive oil, it will wreak havoc on your health and well being!

DESSERT FIRST! – To promote proper digestion, we recommend a few food combining tips. First and foremost, dessert first! Greens, and our other savory entrées require acid for digestion, thus should be consumed after fruit, honey, or other sweets. It’s best to eat sweets 15 minutes before, or two hours after eating savory nutrition dense raw foods. We suggest consuming liquids 15 – 30 minutes before solids to insure proper digestion. (If you drink water after eating it can dilute your digestive enzymes therefore making it potentially more difficult to digest food.)

STARCHES – We do not use fillers, such as canned food, corn, rice, grain, gluten, seedless fruit, GMO’s, Navel oranges, beans, carrots, bananas, dates, potatoes, pineapples, oats, cane, and kiwis, all of which are classified as Disaccharides (starchy, double bonded sugar molecule foods, genetically engineered and over hybridized, all of which impair cell rejuvenation and cause a serious strain to the endocrine system).

Planet RAW uses only fruits, vegetables, roots, leaves, nuts, seeds .

WHAT ABOUT PROTEIN? RAW foods contain all the protein your body needs. Here’s the simple truth: Your body makes electricity, acid, adrenalin, serotonin & many other chemicals… hair, skin, blood, nails, bones and even protein & calcium. Everything you are made of is protein instructed by DNA to become part of an organ or bone! Your body requires food to do so; good food for good long-term use; bad (or junk) food for bad short-term use. Ask an elephant, zebra, horse, rhino, ox, bull, gorilla or giraffe how many protein shakes they’ve had since the beginning of time. The Brachiosaurus, weighing 200 tons, thrived on a plant-based diet. In the wild, meat-eating lions sleep 18 hours a day & live for only 18 years. Plant-eating elephants live 70 years, sleeping only 4–6 hours. The countries with the highest consumption of protein actually have the highest rates of sickness, osteoporosis & protein deficiency! Deficiency in the body usually does not stem from what is lacking, but stems from what is consumed, such as cooked, processed food!

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(310) 587-1552



9am-11pm Sun-Thur
9am-12am midnight Fri & Sat

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